Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the my.tupperware.com website system. Click on a question below to start.

Marketing Site

The name, phone number, or email displaying on my website are incorrect. I have changed my personal information, but the new info is still not updating to my main page!

What are the Follow Me links on my marketing site and how do I edit them?

Back Office

Where do I update all of my personal information?

How do I upload my personal photo?

How do I forward my Tupperware email to my personal email account?

I am trying to update my address in my web office, but a window comes up saying that I need to enter a piece of information (such as a phone number) that is not even an option in the address update fields.

How do I change my Sales Force member ID, I can’t find anywhere to do it in the Back Office?

I am trying to update my billing information with a new credit card in my web office, but after I click on Save it still shows my old card.